The fellowship featured the DISC personal leadership workshop, where the youth fellows were assessed individually based on four key parameters – Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). They got individual reports on their different personalities and were taught how well to relate and lead alongside other personalities.


The youths developed and presented four proposals that sought to solve social problems in the areas of education, economic empowerment, criminal justice and environment & climate change. The four different projects are listed below;


  1. Strengthening the Capacity of Social Entrepreneurs working on Criminal Justice Issues in Nigeria: The project is aimed at carrying out intensive capacity development training for lawyers as they are equipped with up-to-date knowledge on criminal and human rights litigation in their local context so that they would be able to adequately represent persons whose human rights have been violated at various stages in the criminal justice system within the shortest time possible.


  1. Plastic Community Project: The Plastic Community Project is a Beat Plastic Pollution (BPP) initiative that seeks to facilitate a community-led approach by using sport as an advocacy tool to achieve social and behavioural change toward mitigating the adverse effects of climate change for Plastic Free Communities in Benue State.


  1. Farmsafe: This project seeks to enable sustainable food systems for Africa and bridge the knowledge gap between Farmers and Best Practices.


  1. Project Tanzuwa: Project Tanzuwa is aimed at improving access to skills-based education for out-of-school youths in Karu Community – a rural community located on the outskirts of Nasarawa state, northern Nigeria.